KG Newman’s four published books, from 2013 to present.

The Smell of Campfire (November 2022)

In his fourth collection of poems via Hidden Peak Press, KG Newman explores the intersection of fatherhood and sonhood in a quest to understand them both. Balancing hope and uncertainty, and time and memory, Newman crafts a submission for past flaws with a fearless confidence in the present. With the sublimity of fatherhood hanging around every poem like the smell of burnt wood, he takes the reader face-to-face with the pricelessness of being a parent, with moments of crisis, loss and crushing impermanence in contrast with the eternal resonance of patriarchal love. BUY NOW.


Husband Father Failure (December 2019)

In his third collection of poems via The Nasiona Press, KG Newman approaches love as metered sacrifice. In the tinted mirror of self-reflection, marriage is gauged on leverage and endurance while fatherhood is an equalizer, the bond that humbles and keeps him hanging on. From the kitchen to the front yard, from the interstates to worn sandlots across suburbia — from a gift of life to a plea of guilt — he reminds the reader of the fragility of emotion, the irreversible risk of love, and of the perils and rewards of investing in the modern American family. BUY NOW


Selfish Never Get Their Own (October 2016)

In his second collection of poems, KG Newman explores the pitfalls of a self-centered existence. In the dissection of the unending chase for personal highs as well as the consequences of such a pursuit, he takes the reader to places where love and hate converge, where the desire for individuality is blurred by the speaker’s wants and needs for others. From insatiable to unsure, from passionate to poisoned, he emphasizes the truths of a narcissistic life highlighted by the often-vain — and sometimes successful — hunt for happiness. BUY NOW.


While Dreaming Of Diamonds In Wintertime (March 2013)

In his debut collection, KG Newman explores an upbringing dominated by baseball. He takes us beyond the field, beyond the box score to places where unmet expectations, fractured relations, remorse, addiction and love all converge into a metaphysical and transient identity for both writer and reader. From mountain to desert, from vindictiveness to a humbled repentance, he underscores the contradictions of our lives and, in a way only a ballplayer hardened by failure can, illuminates the resilient yet flawed nature of the human spirit. BUY NOW.