Latest Work

Check out links to KG Newman’s most recent poems that have been published in various literary magazines and small presses across the country.

Nourishment in Erato Magazine, April 2023

The Far Hope in Heimat Review, Spring 2023

Bathymetry & Soaring Flight in Trampoline Poetry, Spring 2023

The Smell of Campfire & The Properties of Wax in Chantarelle’s Notebook, June 2022

My Father’s Late Nights in Hidden Peak Press, April 2022

Empty Space in Scapegoat Review, March 2022

Thinking About Asterisks, Breaking Point, I’m Smelling His Hair & Sleep Paralysis in Platform Review, March 2022

Transmitting Happiness From The Cusp of Extinction & Truce in Black Moon Magazine, January 2022

Cicatrix and Reasons To Stay in Miniskirt Magazine, December 2021

Backcast in The Crank, September 2021

The Fear of Blank Faces in Hash Journal, August 2021

Approaching Independence Day in Rough Diamond, August 2021

Wearing Clown Paint in Sledgehammer Lit, July 2021

Choosing You Again in West Trade Review, June 2021

Growing Up Giving Up Homers in Sledgehammer Lit, June 2021

Waiting Out Bombogenesis, Harnessing Hypomania & Flawed Superhero in Harpy Hybrid Review, January 2021

The Undercurrent in The Bitchin’ Kitsch, Winter 2020

When The Time Came in Construction, September 2020

The Vibrations of Wind and Wings in Reed Magazine, May 2020

Past Due, Across All Fronts & The Foible Fumes in Gasher Journal, May 2020

The Sunsets In Our Heads in The Shore, April 2020

American Refugees, About It and The Estate in Village Square, April 2020

The Shortest Years in The Showbear Family Circus, March 2020

Immediate Action Required & M/W/F Every Other Weekend in The Bitchin’ Kitsch, Spring 2020

Hiding From Bats in Dust Poetry Magazine, February 2020

The Pride Acre in Atlas And Alice, February 2020

American Refugees, The Long & Short & Relationship Claustrophobia in Goat’s Milk Magazine, January 2020

In The Vortex in Black Fork Review, December 2019

At The Brewery Down The Street in The Blue Nib, December 2019

The Grip in The Honest Ulsterman, October 2019

Fatherhood Therapy in Thin Air Magazine, October 2019

Terminal Love in The Bitchin’ Kitsch, Fall 2019

Cigarettes In Bed in Constellations, Fall 2019

The Health Benefits of Smoking & Absolute Magnitude in Forbidden Peak Press, August 2019

A Brief History of Brokenness in Digging Press, June 2019

The Thirst at 4 A.M. in Funicular Magazine, June 2019

The Saving Eureka in Barzakh Literay Magazine, Spring 2019

Kintsugi & More Poems in Free Library of the Internet Void, May 2019

The Bear With An Asterisk in Rumble Fish Quarterly, Summer 2019

Today’s Phenomenon & More Poems in Wax Poetry, Summer 2019

Before the K Age in Funicular Magazine, May 2019

American Alcoholism in Fearsome Critters, April 2019

The Diamond Scale and Astros Albuterol in Baseball Bard, March 2019

Finding The Limen in White Wall Review, December 2018

Explanation For Porch Candles in Penultimate Peanut, December 2018

Inside The Engine in The Nasiona, November 2018

Within Bowed Walls in Glassworks Magazine, Fall 2018

Epigenetics in Dime Show Review, October 2018

The Survival Slant & More Poems in The Bitchin’ Kitsch, Fall 2018

Consequences of Detachment in Word Fountain, Summer 2018

More Good News in Two Hawks Quarterly, Summer 2018

Gaslighting Yourself in Grey Sparrow Journal, Summer 2018

Smoke Screen in The Bitchin’ Kitsch, Summer 2018

Sastrugi In Early September & More Poems in Visitant Lit, Summer 2018

Country Club Cowboy in Sleet Magazine, Summer 2018

The King of Perhaps in Triggerfish Review, May 2018

Rain In The United States in Triggerfish Review, May 2018

The Separation in Triggerfish Review, May 2018

Our Children’s Viewing Room in Two Hawks Quarterly, Summer 2018

Weed & Binkies in QU Magazine, May 2018

American Atrophy & More Poems in Scarlet Leaf Review, May 2018

Reckoning in Mush Mum, May 2018

Outside The Metro & More Poems in Furious Gazelle, April 2018

D-Town Rises Again in Bitterzoet Magazine, April 2018

Trypophobia in WINK, Spring 2018

A Stadium Named For Beer & More Poems in Visitant Lit, Spring 2018

Last Recapitulation in Oddball Magazine, April 2018

When Cairns Crumbled in The Lark, Spring 2018

Perdition in C Minor in The Lark, Spring 2018

The Laptop of God in The Metaworker, March 2018

The Beer Gene in Progenitor, 2018 Edition

New Morning Clothes in Crack The Spine, Spring 2018

Graupel & More Poems in Easy Street Mag, February 2018

Clear Head in HCE Review, Summer 2018

First Memory of Everything That Happened Before & More Poems in Mystic Blue Review, January 2018

My Son’s Lions & More Poems in Former People, December 2017

Shadow City in Boned, February 2018

Premature in The Literary Nest, Spring 2018

Morning Routine in Ithaca Lit, Spring 2018

Accidental Happiness in Poetry Quarterly, Winter 2017

Saw It On Facebook in Tipton Poetry Journal, February 2018

Today’s Phenomenon in The Bitchin’ Kitsch, February 2018

Bullseye in The Bitchin’ Kitsch, January 2018

Inevitable in The Bitchin’ Kitsch, December 2017

More notable past work

by KG Newman:

Bit by Bit in Lines + Stars, Fall 2011 (Pushcart Prize nominee)

You Might Not Think This Story’s Important Now, But in Blue Lake Review, September 2011

Meeting of the Minds in Red Fez, March 2016

AM Promnestria in Rat’s Ass Review, Spring 2016

History of Truths in Triggerfish Critical Review, December 2016